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"Business as a Force for Good"
Join Andrew Richards, the visionary entrepreneur reshaping the landscape of property and construction. With a belief that business should prioritise purpose over profit, Andrew has achieved remarkable growth across diverse ventures.

About Andrew

Andrew Richards, an award-winning property and construction entrepreneur, embodies a unique business philosophy that prioritizes purpose over profit while achieving substantial growth across diverse ventures.

Early Life

A proud Welshman, Andrew was born on 16th April 1992, in the traditional Valleys town of Mountain Ash. Raised by parents Peter, a carpet salesman, and Dale, a bank clerk, Andrew shares his upbringing with older sister Emma and twin brother Ian. Describing his Valley upbringing as "the happiest," family and friends formed the backdrop to his early years.

After excelling academically at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School, Andrew pursued law at Nottingham University. His university days were marked by academic excellence, captaining the law school rugby team, and earning a reputation as a maverick.


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What do people say about Andrew

Shamir Jiwa

CEO & Founder of The Maximeyes Group
Andrew is a highly effective and reliable individual who consistently strives to overcome industry challenges. He has brought a real energy and passion to ENERGeyes and has been instrumental in driving business growth. A 10X thinker with a positive ‘can do’ attitude, he builds long term client relationships through an absolute focus on improving the customer experience. Together we are looking to revolutionise the utility connections industry whilst using business as a force for good.


Andrew started his career at Screentec. He worked doing trivial administrative tasks but enjoyed the camaraderie of small business and the freedom that came with earning money for himself.

Following this he secured a role at a smaller Cardiff legal firm in the hope of becoming a solicitor. That role was short lived.

Andrew describes his time there as “very hierarchical. I genuinely felt like I was the smartest person in the room but simply didn’t have the freedom or authority to express it. The role of many smaller legal practices will soon be replaced by AI because in an environment where people aren’t encouraged to think for themselves, machines will always have the upper hand.”.

Andrew quickly moved on to Amber Energy where his brother Ian had started his career. It was there that Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit began to thrive. He credits Nick Proctor with creating an exceptional entrepreneurial environment within which employees felt there was no limit to what they could achieve. Andrew stated “Nick was a role model. A normal guy who was destined to achieve success through sheer hard work and relentless perseverance. I felt at home at Amber Energy and part of something much bigger than myself”.


Energ-Eyes Limited

Andrew moved to London in 2017. He had been head hunted by Shamir Jiwa following the recommendation of his brother Ian, to head up Energ-Eyes Limited as the Commercial Director.

Andrew quickly gained a reputation as being “brutally honest”, driving significant business growth through a no nonsense approach to project delivery. As at 2023, Energ-Eyes Limited is a profitable business with over 5m of turnover.

AIS Utilities Limited

Andrew, with his brother Ian and business partner Shamir, founded AIS Utilities in 2019. Andrew identified through his consultancy work at Energ-Eyes Limited that there was a gap in the market for a reliable independent connection provider.

Within 2 years, the business had secured 6m revenue with over 1m of shareholders funds. They are now working on some of the largest projects in London having secured over 20m of work in 2022/2023.

Network Delivery Associates Limited

In 2023, Andrew led on the acquisition of Network Delivery Associates, a gas and civils engineering company with a reputation for delivery within the gas sector.

Having been established in 2012, the company had grown to circa 1m Turnover a year led by their founder Paul Rickwood. In year 1 following the acquisition, Network Delivery Associates had been awarded over 2.5m of works.

LAM Civils Limited

In 2023, Andrew also acquired shares in a new start up focused on reinstatement and section 278 works within the construction industry. Within 6 months the company had been awarded over 1.5m of civils opportunities.

RJ Utilities Limited

Andrew has a history of supporting employees in their transition into business. In 2022 Andrew helped Andy Jones establish an industry leading gas consultancy.

M&E Pro Limited

In 2022, Andrew was approached by a company in Wales struggling for cash flow. The company itself worked for some of the largest hospitality clients in the industry and Andrew saw an opportunity to support the business growth with a 500k investment from him and his partners.

The investment was paid back by the end of 2023, with the business acquiring a number of new opportunities following Andrew becoming a primary investor. They are now one of the leading M&E Contractors in South Wales.

Jamtodayproperty Limited

Andrew is a keen property investor and has grown a significant property portfolio with his brother Ian within the Welsh valleys.

He is often a key note speaker at property investment events in light of his in depth knowledge of the welsh market.

Clear Property (CPIMA Limited)

Andrew was approached by Chris Roberts to fund a lettings agent within the welsh valleys.

Andrew and his brother invested 50k into the business whilst helping Chris to establish the brand. Within 18 months CPIMA Limited were managing over 50 properties led by Chris Roberts.

T Samuels Estate Agency

Following the success of CPIMA Limited, Andrew was again approached by Chris Roberts to lead on the acquisition of T Samuel Estate Agents.

This acquisition was completed in October 2023 with the estate agency aiming to become the biggest estate agent in South Wales.

Private Life

Andrew met his partner Ashley Campion in 2018. They have 2 children. Ashley is the daughter of renowned food critic Charles Campion.

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Apply to work with Andrew

Andrew has numerous investment and business interests so is selective in whom he works with. There is no minimum investment criteria but individuals must be:
  • 10X thinkers
  • Quick learners
  • Able to analyse data to drive outcomes and investment decisions
  • With ambition to grow a large scale property portfolio
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