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Property Investment Strategy Sessions

Andrew is a critical thinker intensely focused on outcomes. He believes in collaboration to devise simple but effective strategies that align with your investment goals.

Andrew cannot provide financial advice but can provide education and support to budding entrepreneurs and investors based on his unique experiences.

These strategy sessions are much more than property investment sessions. Andrew will share opportunities and insights across his diverse investment portfolio to help educate discussions and maximise the potential growth impact of your capital.

Book a strategy session today from £1,000 + VAT

Andrew will help guide you to ensure your investments are diversified, optimized, and aligned with your financial goals. Both parties will benefit from their unique experiences.

Andrew believes in the empowerment of knowledge and experience – within these sessions Andrew will share investment principles and strategies that have been proven to work within his own investment portfolio.

Each strategy package includes:
  • 30 minute strategy session
  • 15 minute monthly catch ups for 3 months following the strategy session
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Apply to work with Andrew

Andrew has numerous investment and business interests so is selective in whom he works with. There is no minimum investment criteria but individuals must be:
  • 10X thinkers
  • Quick learners
  • Able to analyse data to drive outcomes and investment decisions
  • With ambition to grow a large scale property portfolio
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