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Row of electric vehicle charging stations in a parking lot.

Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

Andrew is at the forefront of this emerging market, helping fleet owners, land owners and businesses assess the viability of EV charging projects. With fully funded solutions available, understanding your options is pivotal to maximising the commercial benefits of EV.

Andrew can help by:

Strategic Planning

Tailored consultation to develop a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure strategy aligned with your goals and objectives.

Site Assessments

Detailed assessments to identify optimal locations, technical requirements, and cost-effective solutions for EV charging installations.

Funding Assessments

Detailed analysis of funding viability for EV projects and land where EV charging is being appraised.

Vendor Selection and Procurement

Guidance in selecting the right EV charging equipment and vendors to meet your specific needs.

Project Management

End-to-end project management services, ensuring smooth implementation and timely completion of EV charging projects.

Network Design

Customized design of EV charging networks, considering scalability, efficiency, and future expansion.

Apply to work with Andrew

Andrew has numerous investment and business interests so is selective in whom he works with. There is no minimum investment criteria but individuals must be:
  • 10X thinkers
  • Quick learners
  • Able to analyse data to drive outcomes and investment decisions
  • With ambition to grow a large scale property portfolio
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