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Joint Ventures in Property

Andrew strongly believes in collaboration and developing mutually beneficial partnerships. If you have a property investment opportunity and would like to explore the power of a joint venture, we would be interested in talking to you.

Andrew’s expertise and access to capital enables a strategic collaboration that can unlock unparalleled potential in the dynamic world of property

Why Joint Venture with Andrew?

Why work with Andrew?

Unique Approach

Andrew believes in the power of people and a positive attitude. He will assess any property opportunity on its merits irrespective of your knowledge or experience. He wishes to align with ambitious, 10X thinkers on property investment opportunities that align with his investment criteria.

Tailored to Partner

Andrew understands that each investment parter has unique goals and preferences.

Our team works closely with you to create tailored joint venture agreements that align with your specific vision and objectives

Investment Criteria

We are currently looking for investment opportunities under 5m GDV within the South Wales Valley.

Invest together. Succeed together.
Get in Touch Today with Your JV Opportunity

Apply to work with Andrew

Andrew has numerous investment and business interests so is selective in whom he works with. There is no minimum investment criteria but individuals must be:
  • 10X thinkers
  • Quick learners
  • Able to analyse data to drive outcomes and investment decisions
  • With ambition to grow a large scale property portfolio
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