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Energy Procurement

Andrew isn’t an energy broker and only earns transparent revenue working with trusted partners who wish to engage Andrew with their wider energy goals. Simply procuring energy at the same time every year is usually not the best procurement approach.

Andrew’s sole goal is to educate clients often working with their existing energy brokers or consultants to drive better client knowledge and understanding of the process and associated cost efficiencies that can be gained from a wholistic approach to energy.

Procuring energy at the same time every year is usually not the most strategic approach for several reasons

Market Dynamics

Energy markets are dynamic and subject to various factors such as geopolitical events, economic conditions, and natural disasters. Prices can fluctuate significantly throughout the year. Procuring energy at the same time annually may result in missed opportunities to secure more favourable rates during periods of lower market prices.

Seasonal Variations

Energy demand and supply patterns vary seasonally. Procuring energy at the same time each year may not take into account these variations. For instance, energy prices might be lower during periods of low demand, such as spring or fall. Flexible procurement strategies can help capitalize on these seasonal fluctuations.

Regulatory Changes

Energy markets are subject to regulatory changes that can impact prices and market dynamics. Only recently the price cap had a big impact on some businesses procurement strategies. Staying informed about regulatory developments and adjusting procurement strategies accordingly is crucial. An annual procurement cycle might not align with the timing of regulatory changes, potentially affecting cost savings.

Technology Advancements

Advances in energy technology, such as improvements in renewable energy sources or energy storage solutions, can influence market dynamics and prices. Regularly reassessing energy procurement strategies allows businesses to take advantage of emerging technologies and capitalize on their potential cost-saving benefits.

Dynamic Business Needs

Businesses experience changes in energy consumption patterns and operational needs. These changes may occur at different times throughout the year. Flexible energy procurement strategies enable businesses to adapt to evolving energy requirements and optimize cost savings accordingly.

Market Intelligence and Timing

Energy procurement decisions benefit from timely access to market intelligence. Regularly assessing market conditions and adjusting procurement timing based on insights into price trends, volatility, and potential opportunities allows for more informed decision-making.

Risk Mitigation

A rigid annual procurement approach may expose businesses to market risks. Utilizing risk management strategies, such as hedging or staggered procurement, can help mitigate the impact of unexpected market fluctuations.

Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape within the energy market can change over time. Exploring procurement options and negotiating contracts during periods of increased competition may lead to more favourable terms and pricing.
Andrew helps businesses to understand the various procurement options as well as developing a board level approach to procurement which aligns with the overall energy strategy. A more dynamic and adaptable approach to energy procurement, rather than a fixed annual schedule, enables businesses to navigate the complexities of energy markets, capitalize on favourable conditions, and align procurement strategies with evolving business needs.

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