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UK Power Networks Unveils £6 Million Transformation Programme

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In a bid to fortify its critical infrastructure and enhance service delivery, UK Power Networks has announced a groundbreaking £6 million transformation programme set to revolutionize communications across nearly 10,000 secondary substations in London. This strategic investment aims to futureproof the company’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) communications systems, ushering in a new era of efficiency and resilience.

Upgrade Overview:

The focal point of this ambitious initiative is the comprehensive upgrade of Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs), vital components that enable the monitoring and control of substations. These units will be adapted to seamlessly integrate with locally available communications networks, such as O2 or Three, thereby boosting the capability to monitor substations centrally.

Roger Yeo, the operational telecoms manager at UK Power Networks, emphasized the significance of this transformation, stating, “This investment across our London network will ensure we continue to build resilience into our substation communications for many years to come.”

Benefits of the Transformation:

Enhanced Data Acquisition:

  1. The communications upgrade is poised to provide UK Power Networks with more prosperous and more accurate data about its extensive network of equipment. This data will encompass crucial information, including maintenance requirements, enabling the company to address issues and reduce the risk of power cuts proactively.

Centralized Monitoring for Swift Response:

  1. The integration of RTUs with various communication networks will empower UK Power Networks to monitor the operational status and health of substations centrally. This newfound capability will play a pivotal role in expediting responses to faults and hastening the reconnection of customers during network disruptions.
  2. Improved Customer Service:
  3. By leveraging advanced asset monitoring, the company aims to enhance the overall reliability of its communication systems. The proactive approach to addressing potential issues not only ensures quicker resolution but also significantly reduces the likelihood of power cuts in the future, ultimately benefiting the end customers.


UK Power Networks’ £6 million transformation programme represents a visionary step towards bolstering the resilience and efficiency of the power infrastructure in London. The strategic upgrade of communications systems not only reflects a commitment to providing better service but also highlights the importance of staying ahead in technology to meet the evolving demands of the modern energy landscape. As the transformation unfolds, Londoners can look forward to a more reliable and responsive power network, reinforcing the city’s position as a hub of innovation and progress in the energy sector.

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